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cropped-ssl-final-logo8.jpgFor the last 106 years, the Social Service League of Cohasset  (SSL) has been working to enhance the lives of those less fortunate. The SSL is an all-volunteer, philanthropic organization which is governed by a 7 member board of directors.

Over the years, the generosity of the Cohasset community has enabled us to help feed Cohasset’s hungry, offer a warm meal, gifts and friendly conversation to seniors alone over the holidays, award scholarships to outstanding and needy high school seniors while helping students without means attend camps and school trips. Community donations have funded prevention education programs for parents and students, provided emergency funds to repair roofs, cars, replaced heating systems and paid unexpected dental, hearing aid and health bills for struggling seniors.  Seniors want to age in place and be part of a vibrant senior community like the one the SSL built at Willcutt Commons.  Your contributions have also provided individual air conditioners, refrigerators, generators, new flooring and enabled the remodeling of the communal living room in our senior housing complex at 60 Elm St. To support seniors ageing in place, your donations help finance safety and convenience modifications in their homes.  We appreciate the trust you have placed in us to make the right investments to help the Cohasset community.

It has been 6 years since our last appeal. Needs have increased while our coffers have been draining. In the last two years, we narrowed the focus of our work. Our board made the decision to be more parochial and target our support to Cohasset needy first and foremost.

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